Aviation Maintenance Technicians A&P Licence Guide


EASA PART66 Licence

Canada AME Licence

Australia AME Licence(CASA)

New Zealand Licence

Aviation Maintenance Technicians



Every day, thousands of planes, jets and helicopters are flown all over the world; and the lives of the flight crew and passengers depend on aircraft mechanics to ensure that aircrafts are safe and have dependable performance. The outlook for future employment in the Aircraft Maintenance field is outstanding. There is a critical shortage of Aircraft Maintenance Technicians now, and this shortage will increase in the next ten years as air travel continues to expand and experienced technicians retire.
Throughout this document, the term “aircraft mechanic” is used to refer to all aviation maintenance and service technicians.

The Aircraft Mechanic channel is designed to help you learn more about becoming an Aviation Maintenance Technician. The more you know about your options in this career field; you will be able to make an informed decision about your educational and career goals. The topics below will help you learn about various aspects of this career field and how to becoming an aircraft mechanic. Select a topic to learn more.